Bubble Football across the West Midlands!

Bubble Football is an alternative and wacky way of playing the beautiful game. While wearing a Zorb-like inflatable bubble, players are encouraged to bounce, smash and crash into each other while fighting for possession of the ball.

What games do we offer?

Bubble Football Match

A haphazzard football match with a difference.

Bubble Football is an alternative and wacky way of playing the beautiful classic game. There’s no room for fancy footwork in Bubble Football. Whether you are Male or female, useless in a regular matches or a professional, the game game has been turned on it’s head. Everyone is unprepared. Everyone can win. There is no footballing ability required!


Who can last the longest in the ring!?

Players go solo and bash eachother out of the arena! Bounce in the bubble suits until your opponent is knocked down or pushed out.

Last Man Standing

Frantic Arena battle with two teams.

Players set up in teams wrestle each other in an arena. One player from each team will fight in their bubble suits until their opponent is knocked down or pushed out. Players can tag each other to take over until the last man is standing.

Hamster Ball

A roll about, light hearted bit of fun!

A two man race rolling your team-mate against your opponent. Lose control of the ball and watch your ‘hamster’ teammate roll around causing havoc. To win, cross the line first.


A classic game reinvented.

One or two play the parts of the “bulldogs”. The bulldogs stand in the middle of the play area. All remaining players stand at one end of the area (home). The aim of the game is to run from one end of the field of play to the other, without being knocked down by the bulldogs. When a player is knocked down, they become a bulldog themselves. The winner is the last player who is standing.

Protect the President

A fast game of defense, bubble bashing and resilience.

The game starts with two people in the middle of the center circle. One is the President, the other is the Bodyguard. The remaining players have to get bump the President down. The bodyguard may do anything to block the players from doing so. When the President at any time, ends up on the floor , the Bodyguard becomes the President, and the President goes back into the circle. Then one of the other players becomes the bodyguard and so on until all players have had a turn.

Our Locations

The Shropshire Golf Centre

Telford Outdoor Facility

Shropshire Golf Centre is Telford’s most popular golf and function venue. Sporting a 27-hole course with stunning views of the shropshire countryside, it’s the perfect venue for some abstract, inflatable fun. This venue also offers a beauitful farmhouse with a bar and delicious food for relaxing after your game.

TCAT Indoor Dome

Telford indoor Facility

Facilities include spectators area, toilets, changing rooms, vending machine’s and free parking on site.

Your Venue

Play anywhere you choose.

We play anywhere across the west midlands. We can travel to your own venue as long as you have permission to use the vendors grounds. Travel costs will be charged at £20.00 per hour. If you require an inflatable arena this is charged at £20 for the hour. (Area of 20*15 meters with a flat soft ground surface required)

Adult & Childrens Parties

We offer parties for any occasion, tailored for both children and adults. Want to organise a special birthday party, or take your friends and family for a wacky day out? We host all over the west-midlands and are dedicated to giving you an experience of a life time.

Events we cover include Birthdays, Bank Holidays, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, New Years celebrations, Hen Parties & Stag do’s.

Talk to us today and we can book you a bespoke party experience!

Mini Bubbles Party Packages

Childrens Birthday & Party ideas to get you excited!

£169 +£15 Per additional child

  • Invitations x10
  • 30 minute bubble party for up to 10 children
  • Personalized Birthday Cake
  • x10 Goody Bags to take home

£209 +£13 Per additional child

  • Contents from League 1 Package (without goodybags)
  • 1 hour indoor room hire for party food
  • Subway Sandwich platter with crisps and drinks
  • Video Highlights uploaded to facebook

£259 +£18 Per additional child

  • Contents from League 1 & Champions Package
  • Goodybag with bespoke medal included
  • DVD featuring highlights from the party

Corporate Team Building Events

Build a strong office environment with our Bubble Footie Team Building sessions. Put your employers through their paces as they team up against one another in various zorbing activities. Break the office barrier and improve office relationships and in turn, the quality of work done.

  • Develop problem solving skills and strategies in teams to win in the bubble football tournaments.
  • Navigate through a system of different obstacles. Get competitive and race against your team mates over a tricky and thought provoking obstacle course.

Our activities are designed to promote team work, team bonding, leadership skills and performance as well as providing a fun team activity that staff, clients and delegates can enjoy.

We offer more than just a game!

To make your day memorable we have also included extra experiences for you and your employees.

Play a relaxing game of foot-golf whilst walking around the picturesque shropshire countryside.

Hot or cold buffet can be arranged with bar facilities. Drinks prices on request.

Take home the great memories you and your colleagues had with a professionally made match & highlights video. Independently created by Lost World Media.

Ready to experience Bubble Football?

Speak to us today and book your Bubble Experience!

Mini Bubbles Party

From £12 Per Child

  • 7 – 16 Years of age
  • 10 Players Minimum
  • Minimum Height of 1.2m
  • £50 Deposit

Adult Bubbles

£15 per person

  • 17+ Years
  • 10 Players Minimum
  • 16 Stone Maximum Weight
  • £50 Deposit

Corporate Team Building

Tailored Quotation

  • Professionally filmed Match-Video
  • Bar and Refreshments Available
  • Team Building activities
  • Equipped for small, medium and large businesses.

All prices are for one hour and include; venue hire at the Shropshire Golf Course or the TCAT Super Dome Indoor Venue, a referee, equipment, photographs, and a highlights video uploaded to our Facebook page. In order to make a booking a deposit of £50.00 is required. This is deducted from the final balance on the day of your booking.

Calls 9-5pm: 07450 193 944


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